Marshside Brass Band are proud to announce their new CD, Band of Brothers.


This is the second CD Marshside Brass Band has recorded, the first ‘Sands of Time’ was released in 2001.

With Peter Lockett, our Musical Director, developing the band, we decided to capture the progress and record a CD.


After much hard work and rehearsal, the band recorded the ‘Band of Brothers’ with a selection of music suitable for listening to all year round.


Highlights include


Band of Brothers – Theme from the HBO TV program of the same name

Rule Britannia

Georgia on my mind

Singing in the rain

Any Dream will do

Dear Lord and Father

O Holy Night

Jingle Bells Forever

Alternatively, you can purchase the CD from the Band at the following Concerts and Gigs. CD’s are priced at £7 each.



Marshside Brass Band had never undertaken a recording of any description prior to the making of this Compact Disc, its title reflecting the bands long established links with the Victorian seaside resort of Southport and it's early connections with the local shrimping industry in Marshside.

In mid 2001 band members wanted to hear the sound of the band and to perhaps mark the progress that the band was making under the guidance of their recently appointed conductor Mr Robert Johnson. It was not intended as a commercial adventure.

Award Presentation

After a year of selecting music, hard practice, locating a venue and searching for a good recording engineer we were ready. On a cold day (20th April 2002), an apprehensive band assembled at Emmanuel Parish Church, Southport to record the CD. Once completed and played repeatedly the CD has exceeded the bands expectations especially as the recording of all tracks were undertaken in one day by Neil Raybould of Raymer Sound.

Although recording the CD was hard work the band thoroughly enjoyed making it and we hope you all enjoy listening to it.



Lee's Folly - Arranged J. A. Lee

La Folia was a popular dance-tune in 15th century Portugal. Numerous composers, from Vivaldi to Rachmaninov, have written variations on it - for voice, keyboard, string and woodwind instruments, but none - as far as we know - for brass bands!

Each variation gives part of the band a chance to shine - a duet for Soprano and Flugel; Cornet and Horn "choir"; a "bass solo"; Trombones, Baritones and Euphoniums; a round, passing from top to bottom; and a free-for-all Finale.

Lee's (greatest) Folly involved a mis-transposition of all the E flat parts, which was only rectified 10 days before recording. Until then, it sounded dreadful but the band was too tactful to say so!

  1. A. Lee

The Sandgrounder

Composed by T. M. Lally (A Concert March inspired by Marshside Brass Band)

This musical 'postcard' portrays the life of the 'Sandgrounder', a colloquial name given to inhabitants of Marshside. The opening strains sound the stern Methodist traditions of the people and quickly move onto depict the daily life of the village, with its happy children, parents and pensioners, followed by shrimping carts and sand lorries in the bass solo section.

A rhythmic change in the Trio invokes the seaside atmosphere of nearby Southport, with its Victorian pier, theatre, donkey rides and 'all the fun of the fair'. Day trippers strolling along the promenade are temporarily scattered by the sudden arrival of a violent summer squall which passes quickly inland, and tranquillity is restored as the music ends an a jolly holiday note.

  1. M. Lally

Sands of Time CD

The Sands of Time CD may be purchased from band members listed on the contacts page price £7-00 including UK P&P. Cheques should be made payable to Marshside Brass Band.


Track Listing

  1. Slaidburn ⇓Headphones
  2. Hootenanny ⇓
  3. Lloyd ⇓
  4. The Lonley Mill ⇓
  5. Lee's Folly ⇓
  6. March of the Peers ⇓
  7. All In The April Evening ⇓
  8. The Sandgrounder ⇓
  9. Always On My Mind ⇓
  10. The Great Escape ⇓
  11. Ellers ⇓
  12. Who Pays The Ferryman ⇓
  13. Schneewalzer - Snow Waltz ⇓
  14. Conquest Of Paradise ⇓
  15. When The Saints/ Glory Glory ⇓
  16. The Floral Dance ⇓
  17. St Clement ⇓Headphones