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Band of Brothers 

The band are proud to announce that the CD Band of Brother is now available on iTunes


You can also buy copies of the CD for the band at any of the fourth coming concerts and job.


Band of Brothers

This is the second CD Marshside Brass Band has recorded.

With our Musical Director developing the band, we decided to capture our progress and record a second CD.

CD Promo

After much hard work and rehearsal, the band recorded the CD called Band of Brothers with a selection of music suitable for listening to all year around.

The CD was released on Friday 15th Sept 2017.

If you would like a copy of the CD priced at only £7, please use the contact us page.



The band are seeking front and back row cornets. We want to strengthen and develop the section. Are you a cornet player wanting to improve in a supportive section? Have you previously played and want to play again?

Do you play trombone? The band a seeking a 2nd trombone to support the trombone section. Do you play trombone or know someone who does?

The band rehearses Monday’s 7.30 – 9.30

Marshside Temperance Hall, 63a Shellfield Rd, Southport, PR9 9UL


The Band Records a New CD 

Recording Guy

We are pleased to announce that the Band has just completed recording our new CD.  

This is the second time Marshside Brass Band has produced a CD,

the earlier disc, the "Sands Of Time" is still available through the Website.  

The latest collection includes an all year around selection of brass band music.  

Something to suit everyone's tastes!

 We are awaiting the final master copy from the recording engineer, and hope to announce its release date in the near future.

Thanks to our MD Peter Lockett and all the members of the band for there tireless efforts including those working behind the scenes to who enabled the whole process to go so smoothly.

We hope all will enjoy the finished product.



Due to forth coming retirements the band are seeking players for the following positions. Front row cornets, back row cornets and Bass Trombone.


If you are interested in any of the above vacancies, or you would like to join us please come and say hello at the weekly monday evening rehershal at Marshside Temperance Hall Shellfield Rd Southport. Rehershals start at 7.30 til 9.30. 



Property Box for sale 2

We are a friendly local non-competing brass band that undertakes 30 - 35 engagements each year, ranging from Concerts to Marches and Garden Parties.

The band consists of 28 players with a weekly practice on Monday evenings 7:30pm - 9:30pm, at Marshside Temperance Hall, Southport. Practice is normally attended by most of the band each week. 

Peter Lockett joined the band in 2014, replacing Peter Leary who we wish well in his retirement and thank for his time in moving the band forwards.